Who We Are?

About Us

AeroTrail is a premier aviation consultancy specializing in comprehensive market research, advanced data analytics, and strategic modelling solutions. Founded by a group of passionate transportation experts, our company is committed to acquiring, analysing, modelling and simulating data critical to the domestic, regional, and continental aviation and markets. The company was officially registered as a limited company in January of 2023 with its headquarters in Nairobi, Kenya.

AeroTrail will partner with Ministries of Transport (MoT), civil aviation regulators, airport operators and airlines. Through these partnerships and collaborations, our company intends to collect and obtain statistical data that will be used for descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics that offer clients actionable solutions, fuel inclusiveness and enhance the sustainability of transport operations across the African continent.

Our Mission

To provide meaningful solutions and innovative approaches that are dedicated to helping our partner organizations to make essential business decisions through actionable market research and data analytics.

Our Vission

To become the regional partner and leader in aviation consultancy, progressive market research and predictive data analytics tailor-made for our client’s needs.

Our Company Objectives

  1. To position the company as the premium aviation consultancy in the region by inculcating excellence in service delivery and market solutions.
  2. To learn and understand our client’s organization’s goals and objectives so as to be able to provide the prerequisite market-driven solutions.
  3. To apply proven market research techniques and data analytics to provide meaningful and actionable solutions aligned with our client’s needs.
  4. To build and strengthen the progressive and meaningful partnerships that ensconce the spirit of camaraderie.

Our Core beliefs and Values

  1. Professionalism: We only understand one way of doing things, and that is the right way.
  2. Reliability: We are dependable and worthy of your trust as consistency is our priority.
  3. Open-Minded: We are open to new ideas, and open criticism as these usher us to different perspectives, critical thinking and rationality.
  4. Motivation: We are eager to deliver on your needs.
  5. Passion: Motivation leads to passion and we are passionate about what we do.
  6. Trustworthy: We are unwavering in providing recourse to your needs, we do not only aim at pleasing but also telling it as it is

Meet the Team

Alex Koech

Co-Founder & Lead Partner

Bachelor in Aviation Management
MBA. Strategic Management
M.Sc. in Maritime and Air Transport Management
Expertise in Business Strategy and Market Research.


Rafael Arevalo-Ascanio

Co-Founder & Partner

Industrial Engineer
M.Eng. in Industrial Engineering
M.Sc. in Maritime and Air Transport Management
Ph.D. Candidate in Applied Economics
Expertise in supply chain modelling and data analytics.


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