Welcome To AeroTrail

AeroTrail is a premier consultancy specializing in comprehensive market research, advanced data analytics, and strategic modelling solutions within the aviation and logistics sectors. Founded by a group of passionate transportation experts, our company is committed to acquiring, analysing, modelling and simulating data critical to the domestic, regional, and continental aviation and logistics markets.

Air Transportation

The air transport sector and especially in the East African market is growing by leaps and bounds! At AeroTrail we are committed to this development through professional support in informed decision-making.

Logistics & Supply Chain

Logistics is the engine that drives development and at AeroTrail we want it to be efficient, sustainable and socially responsible.

At AeroTrail we support our projects with scientific research. Take a look at our data repositories and scientific publications.


Ethiopian Domestic Aviation Market

With a population of approximately 126 million people, Ethiopia boasts a bustling air transport market set for dynamic growth. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) predicted

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