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Data Analytics & Modelling

Have trouble interpreting your raw data? AeroTrail will do it for you. Using our data analytic software and modelling tools, we can trail and inform with certainty what happened to your company (descriptive analytics), why it happened (diagnostic analytics), what might happen (predictive analytics) and what we believe should be done next (prescriptive analytics).
Additionally, we provide daily, weekly, monthly and yearly comparative analyses of countries’ local aircraft movements, pax and freight statistics.

Market Research

We are specialists in both qualitative and quantitative market research. By analysing the viability and capacity of the existing airline markets and discovering new target markets to aid in route development for both airline incumbents and start-ups. This will be possible through:

  • Capacity determination: By ascertaining the viability of existing airline markets for starts ups, and new markets to venture into for incumbents and start-ups or for the airline that intends to diversify.
  • Frequency determination: Based on the capacity determination, we will be able to offer advice on the O-D markets to scale up or down services.
  • Competitor analysis of current and potential competitors: By looking at their capabilities, structure, market share and segment, distribution channels and business strategies through which you can leverage your competitive advantages.

The Marketing Mix

Does your company have a marketing strategy in place? Or do you have a challenge defining your business model? Worry not because AeroTrail has the perfect solution. Through our market research department, we will be able to identify your key value proposition, based on your key activities, resources and your target customer segments from where we can cap down on your cost structures by:

  • Diversifying your company revenue streams.
  • Optimization of service products through dynamic pricing.
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