Africa Aviation Trails: Week 3, 2024 highlights


Week 3 of 2024 unfolded with a captivating mix of aviation incidents, diplomatic tiffs, and the orchestration of exciting developments and strategic maneuvers within the dynamic African aviation landscape.

Embarking on a noteworthy journey, flydubai marked the inauguration of its debut flight to the captivating coastal city of Mombasa. This momentous occasion forged a dynamic link between the allure of this Kenyan gem and the vibrant hub of Dubai, creating a seamless connection that now operates four times a week.

In a remarkable turn of events, LAM – MOZAMBIQUE AIRLINES staged a historic comeback, inaugurating the first Lisbon – Maputo scheduled flight in nearly 12 years. This monumental journey featured a meticulously coordinated operation with a wet-leased B777 from Atlantic Airways, symbolizing the rejuvenation of a crucial aerial link. Meanwhile, Kenya Airways is gearing up for an impressive feat, spreading its wings with the relaunch of Nairobi – Mogadishu flights starting February 15, 2024. With a commitment to three weekly roundtrips.

Infusing a harmonious note into the aviation symphony, Airlink has unveiled the revival of Durban – Bloemfontein flights. Set to commence from the 26th of February, this announcement heralds a renewed era of accessibility to these key domestic South African destinations.

Amidst the upbeat cadence of positive route expansions, TAAG-Linhas Aereas de Angola made the tough decision to temporarily suspend its Luanda – Madrid route, citing operational challenges. However, the promise of a return in mid-May hints at a future reunion with this transcontinental connection.

Navigating through the intricacies of fleet dynamics, Air Zimbabwe Private Limited, amid its strategic renaissance, secured a second ERJ145, signaling the emergence of a burgeoning and revitalized fleet. In a contrasting tale, Air Mauritius embarked on an urgent quest, issuing an RFP for a wide-body aircraft to fill a capacity gap created by unexpected Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations involving two of its aircraft. Meanwhile, Ethiopian Airlines newly received B737 MAX8, the 15th addition to its formidable fleet, embarked on its maiden journey from Addis to N’Djamena in Chad.

In the midst of the tropical rhythms of change, Mauritius SSR International Airport gracefully yielded to the commanding presence of Tropical Cyclone Belal. The ballet of flight operations swayed in the tempest, prompting a temporary closure as the airport diligently braced itself against the cyclonic dance. As a consequence, South African Airways, among other airlines, made the prudent decision to suspend its scheduled flights to the country.

In the dynamic realm of aviation leadership, Togo orchestrates a graceful changing of the guard, bidding farewell to the long-serving Director General of Civil Aviation at anac du togo after an illustrious 17-year tenure. The baton of authority gracefully passes hands, signifying the closure of a significant chapter in the aviation narrative. Simultaneously, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) joins the dance of transition as the Director General of RVA, the custodian of airspace and major airports, is succeeded, paving the way for a new era.

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